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17 February 2014

Shabby Country Fair 7th Birthday Party

Sharing the pictures I was able to get before my battery died of our girly's 7th birthday!
I wanted to go with a Shabby Country Fair Theme. Not carnival, but old fashioned fun!

I got these lights for a steal at Target on clearance a couple years ago, I knew I needed them for this party. 

I made this pinata, was hoping it would look like cotton candy!
Used some buffalo snow and spray food coloring. Both purchased on clearance!

Love love love the easy to make and inexpensive doily banners!

I started collecting paper and flowers that would go with what I had pictured a couple years ago! These little paper flowers were just right!

Pink Caramel Corn

Pie Fries, just pie crust, sugar and cinnamon and some edible glitter

Mini Pie Pops and cotton candy cookies

Ferris Wheel! I stalked this thing on Amazon for well over a year, just waiting for a deal!

Party Hats, with added pretties!

Cake, and favors to go!

We used the little plastic eggs for a egg race, on a spoon. Girls are cute!

We had a ring toss, so the girls could get a drink.
I used an old fashioned bottle crate, some of the cute drinks from World Market and some clearance glittler bracelets for rings!

Winner Winner!

Then we played BINGO. Bingo was always one of my favorite parts of our little county fair growing up!
Used little rhinestones as markers.

Then we made lipgloss! I think this was the favorite part!

We used little jars like this, and fabric to decorate the top.
For the lip gloss we used coconut oil, kool-aid and edible shimmer dust or edible glitter!

My sweet girly got a diary (she loves) for her birthday, and I don't think her friends were gone 5 minutes before she had this written down 

That sure makes all the insanity (and sometimes expensive) parts of birthday weekend worth it!

Next year.. I have NO IDEA. This is the first year that I don't already know what birthday's will be next year. I am hoping we can convince them to do a weekend birthday trip somewhere, the coast or something that requires less planning and less hot glue :)

My friend Michelle is amazing! She is super with a camera, even on a phone. I totally stole this from her instagram!

You can see the mini jam jars a little better in the center pic,
and the ring toss pop bottles!

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01 July 2011

Cake Pop Maker!

I usually avoid ALL small appliances, because I can't stand clutter! We just got a toaster this year and it stays in the pantry. But I am a sucker for small cute things, and the babycakes cakepop maker makes THE cutest easiest little cake balls! (and I was in NO way compensated or asked to write this)

But I also don't want my kids to have cupcakes everyday!  So the first day I did make some little chocolate cake balls for the kids but I am a fan of trying other stuff (especially when it cleans SO easy!) So tonight I made some banana nut muffin holes? balls? bites? I don't know what to call them, except EASY for breakfast tomorrow!
I did learn after the cake ones I made, to put the batter in a piping bag (or Ziploc bag, whatever works) because if you have to spoon it in to each spot, it makes 12 at a time, it takes too long and the first ones are already a little puffy, almost too puffy for the lid. 

Cute right?! And they are probably 2 bite muffins is all!  And the kit comes with a injector thing, you could fill these with cream cheese icing, YUM! Then they aren't too messy to-go either!
I can see this contraption becoming a small obsession!
I am already planning on using it for corn bread, they will fit on top of some chilli in my very favorite jelly jar glasses and be perfect for the kids!
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18 November 2010

Butterbeer Cupcakes!!

Had these been posted 1 day earlier I would have made a batch for the kids, since today is HP7 Day!!
They are excited, not for HP, but to spend the night at Grandma and Poppops!

These were shared on Squirrel Bakes today!
Aren't they adorable?! And SUCH a good idea!
Squirrel Bakes has lots of great stuff, go check her out!!
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07 November 2010

Thanksgiving Cupcakes a day late!

Yesterday was BUSY!! But here are some of the cute cupcakes I am considering for this year! The ones I did last year were cute, but I think I already have a favorite for this year!
Pics are linked to sources!

And if you want to make some not as fancy cupcakes you can use collars like these

Or cute little wrappers!

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02 August 2010

Back to School Treats Part 2!

I was in a rush yesterday trying to get done during nap time.. and I missed some of my fave's I wanted to share like Bakerella of course

And these from "Hello Cupcake" or maybe "What's new Cupcake", I don't remember!
And how smart.. instead of LOADING it with frosting, not that I don't love frosting, they add a small doughnut to the regular cupcake, or muffin before frosting!

And how cute would they be displayed like this?!

And last but not least.. these are cute little fondant toppers!

Just about done planning my Back To School crafts and getting decorations out!
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