I'm Brittanie. A SAHM to 3 little muffins and wife for 12 years.
I love being home with our crew and making our house a home! However, I am working out of the house right now.

Doing my best to "feather"our nest and 
make memories for our children! 

Passionate about family, cooking, partying, keeping organized 
and making everyday a little special! Keeping it as real as I can with flops, success and everything in between. I don't pretend to be something I am not, I don't think I am perfect in any way, and I don't think everyone should do things my way. But I will share how I do things, and if it helps even 1 mama or wife get an extra 5 minutes with their hubby or kids then all this is worth it!  Adding this new dimension of working out of the home and being gone a good portion of the day, I have a new perspective and new ideas and appreciation for simplifying life's must do's.


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