12 January 2013

2nd Day Hair

Well now that I have been DOING my hair everyday for a week, I am learning to love 2nd day hair. My style is put together but not perfect. Nothing super fancy, more like messy but intentional.

My favorite thing for day 2 right now is this thang!
It looks weird but I love it. It's used to make a bun. I think they are called bun donuts. Its squishy and kind of rough so it grips my hair. I make a pony tail, put this on and pull it all the way to the ends then roll it down and keep tucking the ends in as I go. It's not perfect but I am not going for perfect so it works just right for me. I have some pieces that fall out and I leave my bangs out. It takes just a few minutes but it looks like I intentionally did my hair. I have added a bow or flower most days to help tuck in strays but I don't need any pins to keep it up all day!
My next favorite is twisted/braided bangs with headband and low messy bun. kinda like this

but with bangs like this

And mine never looks this good, much more imperfect but I do not care as long as it stays all day!
And even a ponytail and the braided bangs look better than JUST a ponytail. My hair is pretty short right now so I have limited options but happy I am putting the effort in!

I pretty much HAVE to do a bun of some sort because I sleep with my hair pulled back and no matter what there is a crease in it. So if I don't want to straighten it AGAIN (NO time for that) then the crease has to be hidden! I am taking full advantage of the cold weather and wearing the cute knit hats once in a while too!

What is your favorite 2nd day hair style? Websites or blogs you love with tutorials?


  1. My favourite second day hair trick is to break out the curling iron and just do loose waves. I don't know why but the waves seem to hold better on 2nd day hair. It doesn't take much time, maybe ten minutes and then a spritz of spray and I'm out the door. Together in Ten is a great source for tips and tricks to get ready for the day in leas time.

  2. I've never heard of that site! I will check it out! Thanks



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