28 December 2012


I don't know why but I LOVE the new year and all the freshness it can bring. Sometimes a fresh start here and there just makes everything feel better. I am not making any resolutions though. Just sharing my goals! Putting them out there and hoping it will help with some accountability.  I have a LOT of goals, I like to have a bunch going on, it means I will always have something I can be working on! I broke them down into a few categories because I could make 1 HUGE list. Probably too long for 1 post. Today I am sharing the first which is Family, the others are Self, Finances and Home.

~make it to church together more often
~eat together at the table more often (I have been bad at this lately)
~take more pictures, and stop worrying if they aren't perfect!
~More family game nights, cause our biggins are starting to LOVE games!
~Once it's not freezing out, more bike rides and walks and family exercise!

~The only way we will make it more often is if I stop sleeping in and keep up my morning plans
 through the weekend!

~Eating at the table is something we used to do ALL the time, but as I was eating differently than the rest of the fam it made it easier to eat separate and not be tempted by what they were having and I just haven't gotten out of that habit. Setting the table (one of the kids chores) I think will help!

~As far as taking pictures goes. Our oldest LOVES to make goofy faces and I feel like I kind of just gave up on getting a REAL smile out of him for pictures for me. But I guess with as much as he purposely makes goofy smiles those are just as real and I need to just get over this perfection thing and take more pictures!

~Well game night should be a little easier, I think we got 4 or 5 games that we can play and I like that there will be something else that is NOT the TV!

~Our little one got a balance bike so now all 5 of us have something to do and our neighborhood has a cute little path. Even if we only get to this once or twice a week until spring I'll be happy!


  1. I think this year instead of making a big resolution that I am guaranteed to fail before March, I'm going to make monthly goals.  It is still in the thought process, but the idea is that I'll make a list of each category of my life along with a list of how I would like to improve each area along with how I plan to accomplish each goal.  Each month  I'll evaluate and choose the one that needs the most work, even if that means focusing on one area more than once throughout the year.  Like I said it is still in the early thought process, but I'm looking forward to setting many goals to improve my life.  

  2. Thanks for sharing your goals and plans to achieve those goals. I don't make resolutions every year. I make goals like you do. I feel I am under less pressure and less likely to fail. Good luck with your goals. You are going to do great.

  3. I think that is awesome Shannah! Monthly goals and resolutions are great too! We did that last year with fast food. NO fast food in January (besides Subway lol) and really we just kept it up every month except for a couple of occasions. I am doing the same with starbucks this year :D

  4. I gave up on perfect picture face. I love seeing who they really are. I love doing goals too. I think even the word 'resolution' feels like we are set up for failure. I do them in each area of my life as well. I've already set my business goals, just need to work on the rest. Part of that is getting more organized, which I am working hard to do and roll out for next week.



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