13 August 2012

It's gonna be a warm week here!

And I am not a fan of being hot, but I won't be complaining because I don't have time to complain!
I WILL be using my crockpot pretty much everyday this week because of this heat though.


Monday~Crock Pot Enchilada Pork
Wednesday~Crock Pot Pizza Pasta
Thursday~Turkey Chilli
Friday~Turkey Burgers or meatballs
Haven't decided on the weekend yet!

Around the House

Usual Weekly Chores
Work on our Daily/Weekly Schedules for everyone
Work on the porch a little more
Clean in the garage some
Go through our holiday bins

Fun Stuff

Same as last week!
Riding Lessons
Party Prep
Birthday Party this weekend


Ramsey is starting to read Harry Potter to me and I am sure the little ones will want to hear it too!
I just got a new Devotional today. I think it looks good.

And I still have a stack from the library about homesteading. Hoping to learn even a couple things I can do for less money, less chemicals just less in general.

Hope everyone has a super week! I am hoping to get some Back To School Pictures posted soon!


  1. How on earth do you eat hot foods like turkey chili on those warm summer days? Im trying to think of a few cold dinners. It's going to hot here the first few days of the week, three digit temps!

    what kind of daily schedules are you creating? Chore schedules or just personal? I'm going to try to organize and create a better cleaning, chore and homework schedule for me and the kids. Trying to get this school year to a good fresh start. Now that the kids have had a couple weeks of back to school it is time to make sure we are going to have a fun successful and organized schedule.

  2. We always eat hot stuff, none of us really like that much cold stuff. And since the kids are gluten free now, sandwiches are kinda out for now.
    I have a weekly cleaning schedule already but I feel like my days are kind of getting away from me so I am hoing for a general schedule for me and one for each kid too.



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