09 May 2012

Little Bathroom Update

I said last week that with all the deep cleaning I was sure to find some things that needed replaced or fixed, moved or organized. Well the first thing I noticed was the bath mats in our bathroom, when I took them out of the washer the rubber backing is pretty torn up and coming apart. 
I knew I had seen some cute ones around town somewhere..
It was Cost Plus, they have reasonable prices on a lot of their stuff. 
These match and I like them a little better even!

Also dealing with our under sink storage. It's not pretty or functional. Looking for some ideas on storage for everything from hair dryers to toilet paper. 
I love this idea from Pinterest
I haven't found the small holders yet though. Anyone seen them around lately?
Hope I have a newly organized bathroom post next Wednesday, 
especially since I am headed to IKEA in a couple days!


  1. I found some at the Dollar Tree on Lancaster - they are only 3 pockets across the top, and 2 across the bottom, but they just fit on my cabinets. So if there was a third row it wouldn't work for mine, anyway. :) And ya can't beat a buck! Cute bathroom!

  2. IKEA has the wall pockets that are this size. I think they're around $3 & pretty durable (ie: not flimsy, lol). I was just thinking of getting at least one for each under cabinet space!

  3. Sounds like I will need to go to IKEA again lol



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