19 April 2012

Bridal Shower!

It has been SO crazy around here, and really not just 1 thing making it crazy, just LIFE!

But I am getting a handle on life (for right now) and have a couple things coming up I can't wait to share!
One of them is a Bridal Shower, I have never done one before so I am a little nervous!

Who has done a themed Bridal Shower before?
What is your favorite theme, game, goody ?


  1. Have fun with it! Can't wait to see! Love the baby food guessing game - so fun and gross! lol

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  2. Ooh, LOVE bridal showers! I'm not big into those cheesy shower games though. ;o)
    One I've done is to have a series of questions about the bride that the groom has answered ahead of time. During the shower, the bride has to guess what her sweetie guessed. It's like The Newlywed Game (which I know was a *little* before out time, lol) and can be lots of fun (especially if there are cocktails involved. ;o)
    Another classic game I've always enjoyed is the one where you have a series of household items on a tray (with a cover) and walk around to give the guests a few seconds to memorize what's there. Then they get a set time to write down their guesses before you reveal what was actually there. You could even modernize it with things more appropriate to today's bride (corkscrew, Kindle , meat thermometer, lol, etc).
    Bridal bingo is another classic but fun activity, plus it keeps the guests from getting too bored after watching the bride-to-be open her umpteenth set of towels, hehe. You can find tons of free bingo sheets online or make up your own (again you can update it to reflect gifts more likely to be given today).
    Have fun, no matter what you choose! :o)



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