13 March 2012

St.Patricks Day Muffins

Since it's on a Saturday this year, I can do a little more than usual with fun eats. But I don't love all the dye in stuff to make it green. So today I tried an alternate hoping the fam wouldn't even guess it wasn't dye!

And they look better than dye colored ones, and they are full of SPINACH! You can't taste the spinach in these banana nut muffins because the bananas really overpower the spinach taste!
I just used my regular banana bread recipe but blended about 2 1/2-3 cups of spinach in with the liquids before I added them to the dry mix!
Def on the list of things to make Saturday!

I also picked up some cute straws with orange mustaches for the kids for Saturday!

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  1. Hi Brittanie! I stumbled across this post when I saw something that had been pinned from your page on Pinterest. I LOVE this spinach idea. It's wholesome and the green is gorgeous! I love spinach anyway apart from it being super healthy. Green will work a treat for this time of year any day! Thanks for sharing the tip - I'll definitely be bearing this in mind :D



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