05 January 2012

Magazine Pages

Anyone else have a stack or container full like this?

Wish I could say this was all of them, but no, it's only about half! 
I am working on getting them organized, an ongoing project, see the folders in there?

I have been keeping this container in our pantry, and I need the room. So it's about time to actually GO THROUGH all of these, half are probably recipe ideas and the other half are party things and cute house ideas.  I need a folder for them so I can keep them better organized and more compact. So it doesn't take an hour to find that ONE little thing I know is in there!

It's bedroom cleaning day here and I got the little one to help me clean the biggins bedrooms for them as a nice treat today (and so there is nothing on the floor to distract them at nap time)  Hoping I can get this taken care of before the weekend! Starting a little early on my organizing Friday project!


  1. Totally trying to catch up from my lazy december! For me, I scan in all my magazine clippings at the end of the week/month and store them that way - much easier to browse/find!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  2. I have mine in our hallway/craft closet. They're on the bottom half of the shoe bin right now. I've been slowly going through them though, and since Pinterest came around, I've just been going through them and finding the things online to pin. Then, I can just chuck the mags/articles! Works great...yay Pinterest! ;o)



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