03 October 2011

Halloween Decorations '11

Finally done! Well done enough to share anyway, there are still a few projects I need to work on, and then of course whatever all you crafty people share that I will want to copy!

Soo here they are, I got rid of a lot of stuff from last year. I wanted to lose a little of the commercial looking stuff each year. And a lot of orange had to go. I really like black and white Halloween with just a little orange here and there.

 Countdown Blocks from last year

already staying better this year, used poster putty stuff

need to find my white candles around here somewhere

This thing seriously grosses me out, its a big ol' silver spider, I hate spiders!

Hoping everything on this table will make it through the season, it is the perfect worst height for Finn!

I'm really loving the old phone, crack and all!

oh, and a random picture of our new couch, and the vacuum in the background lol, eh just keeping it real

 Best deal on a pennant banner ever! Target last year, the other side has neon (hideous) skulls on it, I just turned it over. I also scored 2 or 3 more for 90% off. $0.30!! couldn't pass that up!

love this little pewter mouse!


  1. It all looks great!!! Love your house!!!

  2. Wonderful!! I love Halloween and people that decorate for it!

  3. I always love to see what you put in that little corner behind your sink.

  4. Love that trail of little spiders on the wall...and the black-white-and-bling palette!

  5. Your home looks fantastic!!! I found you at While he was napping.



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