29 August 2011

Little Lumberjack Treat Sneak!

I have a feeling these will be popular at Finn's party! Perfect combo of sweet and salty!
It was my first attempt so it's not as pretty as I want it to be but I have time to work with it, and a few VERY willing taste testers :)
Here is what I did,
took 1 of these, cut it in half ad then made my axe shape
then I used one of these and stuck it through the short end of the marshmallow
And finally, I just used some red melted Wilton Candy melts and a spoon and carefully kinda sloppily covered the marshmallow with it. Then I just let it dry!

I am a SUCKER for matching food to the party theme, even if it is a lot of work!


  1. So cute & clever! I'm sure the party guests will appreciate the extra effort you put into treats like these!

  2. So creative! Makes me smile!!! I love that you're doing a lumberjack party. Very cute.

  3. ADORABLE! I might have to make these for a SFA Lumberjack tailgating party! I'm in suspense to see the rest of the party! Thanks so much for linking it up to the Tuesday To Do Party! Can't wait to see what you've been up to this week!

  4. Fun & creative. And I love the idea of a "Lumberjack Party". He's gonna love it! Thanks for linking this great project to Fab Friday!

    Warmly, Michelle



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