20 June 2011

Want to see the mess?!

Just a warning... it is super messy!

Yeah, so that is the constant struggle with her! I printed some weekly chore charts to see how they go! But I also checked out Pinterest (I think Pinterest is the new Google!) and found some other cute ideas!
First thing I found was the chore chart we are using!
And there are some ideas that don't involve paper! I think I like those better!
This one is so pretty, but for us it's not practical. I think ours need detailed instructions.
This fridge one is smart!
love hos rustic this one is, and clothespins are cheap!
Laminated! These are similar to the chore packs.
This one is my favorite concept! The little tags are a good idea!

There are some more from Pinterest and the sources for the ones above. HERE, if you still aren't pinning let me know and I will send you an invite!


  1. Okay, first off, thanks for posting a pic of a messy room. You should see my kids'! Also, I'm just dying to learn all about Pinterest. I first heard of it two weeks ago. What's it all about? I think I'd love an invite.

  2. I love Pinterest! It is so fun and has made my "to-do" list SO long...but I still love it!!

    ~ Sarah

  3. I love the rustic look of the ribbon and clothespins. We just use a boring old dry erase board, lol! Maybe it's time for a change. :-)

  4. Alyssa's & Jilly's room is always a struggle to keep clean too, Lyss clean it but then an hour later it is dirty again. Ugggg!

  5. The laminated ones are what my daughter (4 children) use. They work awesome for her. Love the clean up crew one.

  6. WOW...you need to come do this to my house. Only trouble is...it will be messy again by next week. That is because my family lives with me :) Great ideas though. Love all the hoo9ks!



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