08 June 2011

Pinterest Love!

Who doesn't LOVE Pinterest.com?! It's so much better than having a thousand random pictures saved to your computer taking up space, or the huge list of favorites! And the majority of the pictures are links to the source directly! SO helpful!

If you aren't already Pinning away and want to, leave your email in the comments and I will gladly send you an invite!
If you are already Pinning, find me here!
I wanted to share some of the super clever organizing tips I've seen pinned lately!

Like this! So smart for all those cords!


SUCH a great idea for storing scrap booking and craft paper!
 And I love this idea, I need it for THIS
And this is something I could start doing now! So clever, having all the meal ingredients in 1 basket, no more hunting for stuff in the pantry!

I could go on and on, but go check out this weeks smart finds HERE!


  1. i love the top pic about storing the cords with the tp rolls! genius :)

    i'm not using pinterest yet - but i'd love to!
    jkarkoski003 at yahoo dot com


  2. love following you on pintrest!!! p.s. I just did the handle idea for the chalk this past weekend! it looks great!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  3. Can you send me an invite also? heather.carlile at gmail.com. Love love love your blog, ideas, and pretty much stalk you regularly. :) Glad I found you through Stephanie.

  4. id looove an invite anapaulawatkins@gmail.com

    your blog is so great!

  5. i'd love an invite! mandeerice88@gmail.com

  6. i would love it if i was sent an invite! cassiepearce@ymail.com



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