15 April 2011

Picnic Party

I've been thinking about Finnley's 2nd Birthday Party in SEPTEMBER (I know I am a little early) and I thought a Picnic Themed Party would be cute.. There are lots of great ideas and cute stuff. We decided to go with another theme (but it's a secret for a few more months!)

But these things were just too cute not to share!
Like these invitations!
I really love both of these, the ones without the lids are a bit less expensive, but you could use a few with lids as decorations!

And red and white gingham is ALL over and can be pretty inexpensive! Like these tablecloths

Or paper goods
And there are SUCH cute ant things around
Ant Fabric

And this is just TOO cute!!

from Oriental Trading

 and Target had these for a while

I have this, and am just LOOKING for a reason to use it!

And there is SO much cute food!
Bakerella made these adorable cupcake/brownie burgers
And watermelon taffy!

 And these are so cute

I really love watermelon stuff, it's SO summery!
These would for sure be a must have!

Or these


Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest could be fun (or gross)
These are pretty charming too, and you can get compostable ones!

Etsy has ALL kinds of picnic goodness!


These are SO cute!

And since I have a girl, I like to find girly favors (for the girls!)
These are SO cute! She has made a few clippies for us, SO reasonable and they are just adorable. I thought the burgers would be too cute!

And of course all the seriously cute food in jars, there are SO many options for that!
This is a great idea!

Layered Picnic Lunches in a Jar!
Apartment Therapy

See, I NEED to have a Picnic party.. too bad 2 out of our 3 kids have winter birthdays!

Have a good weekend!


  1. What a cute and fun idea for a birthday party! And September isn't too far off to be party planning! I used to do it all the time when my kids were under the age of 5. My youngest turns 6 this year in August and honestly, I've only thought about themes once in the past few months. I'm definitely slacking! And I actually like the idea of the watermelon seed spitting contest. ;-)

  2. Oh my...I can tell it is going to be a good party...can't wait to see!

  3. I guess to use some of these great ideas you are just going to have to throw the worlds best playdate this summer lol.

  4. What a great theme!!
    Love all the inspiration - makes me want to throw a Picnic Party :)

  5. cuute! Rachel was wanting to do a watermelon theme for Zoey so I'll have to fw this to her :)

  6. Anything cute in a jar makes me smile :)

    Food, flowers, seashells are my top three:))

    Thanks for sharing!

    Kay Ellen



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