07 March 2011

Spring Cleaning week 3~ Bathrooms & Update on Play Room

Just planted some of these! Hope I don't kill em!

And I didn't finish ALL the family room yet because I think I want to move the furniture around and I need some help for that, but all the major stuff is done!

And I got the kids to "help" clean the rug, I just covered it lightly with some baking soda and had them dance and wiggle until you couldn't see it anymore, then I waited a while and vacuumed it up!

And I worked on the play closet a little more! I shared the before HERE, and now it's like this

Where the storage used to be
Where seasonal stuff used to be
shoe cabinet from ikea! Only sticks out 6"!!
Little spot for art work, just at their level, and a little too high for little brother!

And still not done! That blank wall straight back (where the storage used to be) is waiting for a great deal on a big frame so I can frame out some chalkboard paint!

And this is my list for this week (and least favorite Spring cleaning week!)

• Purge, Purge, Purge (I am kind of a product hoarder!)

• Scrub Shower Doors

• Wash Rugs

• Scrub all Round Toilet

• Drain O Shower and Sinks

• Polish Cabinets

• Scrub Bathtub

• Wash Windows

• Clean Under Sinks

• Clean Baseboards

• Clean Doors

• Vacuum and Steam Floors

• Touch up Baseboard Paint

• Touch up Wall Paint

• Check on Supplies Stock

• Replace Candles

And I have some projects I want to work on in the kids bathroom this week too.

Today was pretty nice here, makes me want to get ALL this stuff done so we
 can get out there and do some yard work!

Who else is working on Spring Cleaning?!


  1. My Goodness, where do you find the energy!!!

  2. I always wonder that too Brittney. Is it all the sugary baked goods you make in addition to all of this hard work? You're my inspiration! :D

  3. I did my spring cleaning earlier this year (winter clean?) ... you can see some of my orgainization ideas on some of my earlier posts!

    Love the lily of the valley ... my favourite flower. Have fun!

  4. I have MY spring cleaning list ready to go...just can't seem to get too it. (sigh) You've motivated me!! Thanks for linking to the first Tuesday To Do party! Hope to see you again next week!

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  6. I'm a first time visitor and I am liking your blog. Just wanted to mention the Lily of the Valley....#1 You can't kill them. They will spread and be beautiful..#2 If you have small children Lily of the Valley are not the flower to have. The little green pods that form after the flowers die are poisonous if eaten by people or animals. I just thought you should know. Happy Spring to you!

  7. Thank you! I didn't know either of those!



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