21 December 2010

Pantry Pretties!

I had this oil cloth left over from THIS project, and I knew I wanted to use on the shelves in the pantry, but it would take a TON to wrap all the shelves (and it's not exactly cheap) Someone in blogland used the SAME oil cloth and had an AWESOME easy finish on it! I wish I remember which one of the 300+ blogs I follow it was..PLEASE let me know if it's yours!

Anyway I need more oil cloth but since the only place I've found it is almost 2 hours away, I am not making a special trip and absolutely not going before Christmas! But I do need a couple things from Ikea and my birthday is just a few days after Christmas so maybe then!

I usually clean our living room and guest bathroom on Tuesdays and do projects like this on Friday's but we are having family over Friday so I swapped the days.. should make the week more fun!
 I just used a permanent marker, a roll of wire for the shape
 turned it over
 And drew the scallops on the edge
 Then cut them out!

Ewww, this is what needed covered.. a entire bottle of vanilla leaked at some point and a bunch of boxes stuck to the paint and ripped the paint off when I cleaned it up..
 One side done, hoping the edges will fall down a little once it's been there a while, they are kinda stiff
And the other side! If I have to, I think I can hot glue the scallops down!
So 2 shelves done, about 8 more to go, but I am loving it so far and the oil cloth will be SO easy to wipe up!!


  1. Brit, I LOVE this! It turned out sooo cute! I wonder if you used double sided tape maybe it would hold the scallops down.

  2. Love the gingham print, and the scalloped edge! I REALLY need to do the same thing! It looks great!

  3. Hey there! You won the Keller Williams CD giveaway! When you get a chance, email me your address and I'll pass it along to the sponsor of the giveaway so we can get it sent to you ASAP. I think you'll love it; I certainly did!

    makinglemonadeblog at gmail dot com

  4. Hi Brittanie! thanks for stopping by the other day- I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and were able to make it to Magic at the Mill! :)



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