19 May 2010

Summer time diapers that look like Jeans?!

Well Summer is almost here!  Found these online..  had to have them for a couple reasons..
1. I am probably going to do less cloth diapering in the summer because I don't want to run the washer/dryer more than I HAVE to. Gets too darn hot!

2. I haven't bought the baby much as far as shorts go, now I am not going to.  Cute Diaper and a shirt are fine with me! And again with the laundry.

These are sold out on some sites already!  Our Targets are just getting them, not even unloading until tomorrow, but I was able to get them to pull a box out for me :)

Since they are huggies, and we have had good luck with them, I am hoping the quality will be the same.
And use those coupons if you have em!


  1. How cute! Please let us know how you like them...


  2. My mom said she talked to you today when you were picking them up. :) They actually have a fully stocked shelf with them now (@ Target)!

  3. I am here via Follow Me Fridays.
    What a sweet blog you have.

    I am currently hosting a giveaway to celebrate my recent graduation from college. It only took 23 years. :) I hope you'll stop by and enter.

  4. I saw these at Walmart the other day!!! So cute

    I am a new follower from FMF!!! Great blog, please stop by and follow back sometime!


  5. Hi there, I am your newest follower, love your blog!! Hope you have a great weekend and good luck with your banner, they are so fun to make!!


  6. Cute blog! Yeah Cobbler sounds good right now.....Hmmm
    Happy new friend Friday!
    Following you, come follow me too.

  7. I bought some at the Wal-mart on turner road! Sid thinks they are hilarious! she keeps trying to take Bailey's pants off and when I ask her what she is doing she says "MOM! I am trying to see those little pants that look like diapers!!! it cracks me up every time!



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