17 May 2010

Once we are back to normal here...

I will do a new post. We made it home from the hospital and he is doing great! I don't even think he knows he has a head full of stitches!  I am almost caught up on laundry and all that, as soon as I am, I will be back!  but for now.. check out this cute cobbler.. I havent made one in 6 months and am SERIOUSLY craving some.. I use The Pioneer Woman's recipe.. could not be any more basic or simple!


  1. Wow, that looks amazing!

    So glad to hear you're home. I hope and pray he's getting better each day.

    Take care,

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  3. Hope that all went well, and that your son has a speedy recovery! Sending positive thoughts your way!
    Love the heart shaped cobbler:)

  4. Glad to know the little guy is feeling better!! I love the heart shaped cobbler ... makes me want to make one!



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