02 May 2010

I will probably not be posting for a little while...

Our youngest is having a craniectomy in 1 week.. I am nervous and all that.. and have lots of prepping to do to stay at the Ronald McDonald House.. there is some more info on the condition and stuff HERE.

Hope to be back to sharing some everyday stuff soon!!  I got a awesome deal at goodwill today and I can't wait to share!!


  1. best of love and prayers and quick recovery for your little guy

    many hugs
    Kim @ Frost Me!

  2. I hope everything goes well and I am sending you hugs and prayers for a quick recovery!

  3. I just joined your following, and it sounds like good timing. I don't know you, but I know how to pray, and I'll be sending prayers your way.

  4. Praying for yall! Hope everything goes ok!

  5. I will definitely be praying for you! xoxo

  6. God bless your little guy and the rest of the family!



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