29 January 2010

Nap Time Pantry Clean Up!

In an effort to get and stay organized our pantry needed a BIG makeover! Our pantry is also our office area, that's why there are office supplies and computer parts! Sad but here are the before pics..

Yeah it is bad! But since it is Friday I decided to get it taken care of during nap time today! I stopped by the Target clearance isle and picked up a couple things to help, along with some garbage bags! I also have a cute canister project to show off (as long as the kids nap)! Come check it out later today!


  1. Ooh, I can't wait to see the finished results!! You are so talented :)

  2. oh yeah lol.. SO talented I can't keep our pantry tidy :)

  3. I can't wait to see the final project! I wish my kids would go down for a nap!!!

  4. makes me feel good that you have a mess somewhere inside your house! :-)

  5. Hey! You are welcome, and thanks for stopping by *my* blog!! As for the meal planning, hubby grew up with having the exact same meals every single week and asked if I would *please* not do that to our family. We do have some standards, though and a few that we have infrequently...since the children are 6 and 9, we have to keep them recognizable....lol. Now that I've seen the before pictures of your pantry, I have to say that your containers are absolutely fabulous and definitely make a difference...I'd probably fall in love if my pantry was anywhere near that neat (finished product...lol)



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