13 October 2009

Every Room Cleaning & Ickies Kit

Every Room Cleaning~

Just in case I didn't say it in the others.. these are things I do in every room during my Fall cleaning.

~Washing the walls.. Vinegar and water mix works great
~Vacuum Baseboards and if that doesn't make em look clean, I use vinegar/water and a rag.
~Vacuum the light fixtures and wipe clean if needed.
~Heater Vents.. Vacuum them out
~Curtains.. Wash them if they are machine washable!
~The Window Tracks.. I vacuum them first so I don't just make mud when I get the vinegar/water mix out.. and I use q tips to get all the stuff out! Hoping to get this done before the rain comes.. Mud is MUCH harder to clean!

Ickies Kit..

Stocking up on cold/flu supplies now will help if you or a family member gets the ickies, no one wants to drag a sick kid to the store.. so stock up now on..

~pain reliever, infant, children's or adult.. whatever you need for your family, Kleenex, cough drops or lozenges, Tea, Ginger Ale & Chicken soup fixins.

I will also be grabbing a couple new coloring books or activity books at Dollar Tree.. My little guy gets pretty disappointed if he misses school, having a new book or activity usually chippers him up!
Also check and make sure your heating pads and humidifiers are all working!


  1. We definitely have an "icky kit" nearly year round, but this time of year I stock up on extra Kleenex for sure!

  2. I wanted to let you know that you've received an award over at Three A's and a C! I've enjoyed coming by your blog to see what new and fun things you've been doing. Your blog is fabulous!

  3. Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  4. Really nice blog! I was wondering if you had any tips for cleaning fiberglass, I have both a fiberglass sink and shower. I can't seem to get them clean unless I use Mr. Clean which is VERY harsh (to your body).

  5. Magic Erasers from Mr. Clean are my fave, they will scrub the crud right off! Good Luck!

  6. What an awesome idea. I am always looking for tylonel or cough drops.

  7. Great advice and I'm also enjoying your blog!



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