04 October 2009

Couple More Halloween Decorations

I am slowly but surely getting pictures of everything.. it's hard to take pictures of decorations when there are 3 sweet faced kids here to take pictures of! I am really loving all the black and white Halloween stuff available and even more so the stuff that looks vintage but isn't at a vintage price.. and glitter, I have a hard time passing up something sparkly AND Halloweenish!

I use this pedestal for EVERYTHING, been looking for another and have yet to find a wooden one! The Black glittered skull.. a Dollar Tree score! I saw some at some pricier shops and the glitter was way thicker and falling off.. I was really pleased with this one! The pictures in the frames were taken by one of my very favorite photographers, Michelle at www.Casualcameraphotography.com she really is amazing! The pictures are a couple years old but I just can't change them out!

Just a Footed vase with some fake bones in it and a glittered spider.. Not what I had planned at first but the bones were too big for the apothecary jar I had planned.. I did plan on filling this vase with color coordinated Old Fashioned Candy sticks.. they are kind of a new favorite of mine! The Witch boot Candle holders are a favorite and I struggled this year where they should go.. with 2 Toddlers and a new Table Runner that doesn't need anything on top I didn't think our kitchen table would be a good place this year.

More to come..


  1. Thanks for the plug girlie! :-)

  2. Your pics of your kids are amazing. Kudos to the photographer. I love your halloween stuff. My fav. has got to be those witches boots. love,love,love them!



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