13 August 2009

August Decorations and Back To School.. already?

I have finally put the 4th of July stuff away and just started to put some August/back to school stuff out.. I have been looking for over a year now and have a really hard time finding Back to School type decorations.. For August though I do apples.. I think it's a nice transition to fall. I hope to add some more pictures soon.. Once I get it all out and find some energy!
The only School stuff I have found is a little tin schoolhouse candle holder.. found it at a garage sale for next to nothing but it is one of my favorite things for August. I found these ADORABLE pillows on Etsy.com but with a new baby arriving next month I am really trying to limit my budget.. But they are SUPER cute and are on my etsy favorites. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=23925128

I can't really think what else to use for Back to School stuff ( I have been on the look out for mini school supplies that look vintage-y for my wreath on the front door).
Preschool starts the first week of Sept. here so I still have just about a month to prepare and plan.. Ramsey is already excited and talks about school everyday. We haven't changed the kids schedules much so we don't have to change back which is a relief. Ramsey will be going to the early class which will be different for us.. Kind of excited for preschool not to start the same as nap time.. Hoping he will be tuckered out after school and want to take a nap. The baby should be here a couple weeks after school starts, hoping that won't mess up any routines that are working by that point!

There are some super cute cookies online you can buy that are school supply shaped but they are WAY to expensive for my budget $25+ shipping.. OUCH! I am planning on making some though. I did pencils and erasers a couple years ago.. Hoping they turn out better this year! I'm just doing sugar cookie's with royal icing.. Love the crayons.. just right for preschoolers! These are some that are online.. Hope mine will turn out this good lookin!


  1. I saw those pillows on your etsy favorites...soo expensive!!

    Are they supposed to be for your back to school look?

  2. Very cute items you found and love the school food too.... Cookie cutters and some icing and your in :)

  3. Yes the PB n J seem very BTS to me :)

  4. ok... i have ideas for back to school- since pencils and erasers are so darn CHEAP at the beginning of school.. buy a BUCNH and make an apocrathy jar of PEncils, and one with erasers.. and one with some fake apples and youre SET! as far as your wreath.. do the SAME thing and there is some brown stuff you wipe on to MAKE it look vintagey... try it.. and darn i miss those back to school cookies you made they were DELISH!!!! and friggin adorable!

  5. Kat we think alike too much! I have one with Crayons ( stole them from the kids! ) and I am looking for a jar tall enough for pencils, all mine are wide and short. I will make you cookies if you come visit!

  6. You are just too darn creative girl!! Love that you actually decorate for back to school..who does that!?? Your a great mama! Great ideas! Love the blog sweetie!!!! Keep up the great work!



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