24 March 2009

Easter pretties

I wish it was sunny here.. all these pastel things don't look nearly as cute in overcast!
I got the cute SPRING blocks at a little place in Redmond when they were closing I got a total deal on them, $6 for all of em! Been storing them since Halloween though. I hadn't put the curtains up yet when I took pictures.. oops!

The mantel has a really light pink boa on it and only a couple little things on it, I don't have much Easter or spring stuff yet. The Leaf looking place mats I have had forever and am finally getting some use out of them!

I never use these floating candle holders for candles anymore.. Just some jelly beans and a little feather pick.
The basket really doesn't have anything to do with Easter other than I used one of the leaf place mats in the bottom, the basket is just full of old pics ( I didn't want to use our real family ones yet, due to little grubby hands ) I got 150+ pics on ebay and they are all 1910-1950 I LOVE the clothes they are all wearing.. Something fun to look at once in a while. Now that I look at this picture I really don't like how close in color our walls are to our furniture.. hmmm.. maybe I can figure out a new paint color.
I am still working on Spring Cleaning. Been trying to do 1 room every other day and not on the weekends. Hope every ones first week of Spring has been sunnier than it has been here!


  1. Cute! I just wish the weather would cooperate with your spring theme! :)

  2. WOW...I love tht you decorate for each Holiday. I only do a little but you have me motivated to do more. :-) I love it!

  3. You did a really good job. I love crafts and decorating my housefor the holidays!

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