21 January 2009

~Cute Find~

I decorate seasonally and in the early summer I do farmish stuff.. Fruits and farm animals. We have lived in this house about a year and the seasonal stuff is new to me so I don't have much yet. I was at K-mart the other day (strange since I rarely go there) and they had THE cutest little juice cups for only a few dollars, I just couldn't pass them up.. I honestly probably won't drink out of them but I do think they will make great tea light holders on the mantel. They are Martha Stewart Brand, they also had a Martha Stewart candle in shortbread scent.. Smells SO good!


  1. Brittanie, love these so much! You got a great deal and they'll fit in perfectly with your fruit-inspired theme. Gotta tell you that I love your tunes, too. I'm a SM Band fan! :)

  2. LOVE those glasses! Kinda go with my regular glasses, I'll have to take a pic :)



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