25 November 2014

Big Hunk Dip

I had a little mishap with a made up recipe in the kitchen the other day, what I was going for just wasn't happening but by a happy mistake it was still good and with just 1 more ingredient it was super!

Only 3 ingredients in this, super easy and fast dip!

1 small container marshmallow fluff
1/2C melted peanut butter
(Chunky or Creamy)
1/2C chopped peanuts

Mix fluff and melted pb then stir in nuts!
That's it, not healthy but super delish on apple slices!
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24 November 2014

Meal Plan Monday

It's Thanksgiving week, and I can't wait to hang with family and do some shopping on Friday! The kids are home from school and we have no big plans. 
This is my favorite type of week, more family time.

Monday~Ham and Potatoes
Starting off the week with a meal made to have leftovers!
Tuesday~Chicken Tacos
If I remember in the morning I am going to do crock pot shredded chicken for tacos.


Then I don't plan on cooking much. Between leftovers and activities I don't think I want to attempt to grocery shop so we will see what we can come up with for meals using what we have in the pantry and freezer.
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19 November 2014

20 Minutes to Clean Bedrooms

Lately, these have been the rooms that have been neglected big time. We have been in this house 3 weeks now and I haven't really touched them. I shared earlier this week a picture of how bad they are, SO bad, you can see them HERE.

I have been feeling anxious and sad and just not my normal. I think a big part of that is the chaos of every room so far. Getting back on track in the bedrooms with this list should help!

~Pick up toys
hopefully the kids have been sticking to the 1 toy out a time rule

~Clean off nightstands, dressers and other flat surfaces

We have a feather comforter, SO MANY feathers!

~Wipe down flat surfaces
as needed, I just use a baby wipe
~Change Sheets/Make Bed
Then put the stripped sheets straight into the washer

~Touch up mirrors and windows
only as needed
Also only as needed, we are a no shoe house so the carpet isn't horrible
I pick up each room, then dust each room so I am not picking up the duster more than once. I do each task in all 3 rooms before I move onto the next task.

Hoping I get to share nice tidy, organized bedrooms tomorrow! It's been a rough week!

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18 November 2014

Laundry Room Savings~No Coupons Required

I really meant to share each month for the whole year how we are doing with our goals, but life happens and honestly some months I didn't feel like we had made any progress or have any huge set backs, so I didn't share as much. One of our main goals is getting rid of consumer debt. We haven't made any huge progress the last couple months but I did want to share a little more about how we save money around the house. That saved money goes right to debt and can rapidly add up! I've shared some of these before, using them all together saved us quite a bit the last year!
We still don't use coupons, so keep reading to see if some of these might work for you too!

The first REAL frugal thing I ever did for us as a family was make our own laundry soap, I think this might be the go to for saving in the laundry area.

What am I doing now?
~if you use store bought soap, use a little less each time until you find the right balance to get clothes clean. For us this was just over half the recommended amount. Buying laundry soap every other month instead of every month meant a whole month of a payment to a credit card in 1 year. That 1 littttle teeny change gave us a month sooner of not owing Target anything!

~Keep that change from the dryer, cash it in the 1st and put it towards debt, maybe it's only $5, that is still $60 a year!

~We use these dryer balls! I swear they have made a big difference in the time it takes for the clothes to dry and clothes are SO soft!
Also safe for super sensitive skin! No icky chemicals! 

~Wash full, but not overfull, loads. Less loads=less energy and less $

~Do the quick wash or rapid wash on your machine for everyday laundry.
Save the long wash cycles for stained loads.
This one I am torn on, sometimes I do it one way and other times I do it totally opposite.

~Do all the laundry on 1 day and take advantage of the dryer being warm from the previous load
~Do a load first thing every morning and let the dryer help warm the house up
They both have their pros and cons.

To help you get started on your laundry savings, I am giving away a pack of the Woolzies
Enter below through the 25th and share with your friends!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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17 November 2014

Meal Plan Monday

I honestly am so overwhelmed with unpacking that I am not planning any meals this week. I am taking some chicken and hamburger out to thaw and I will just cook what sounds good at the time. 

This Chili has been sounding good so I am sure I will make that

All this cold weather we are having makes me want soup and hearty meals. Chicken Bacon Wild Rice Soup if we have everything we need.

Maybe I will just throw together random stuff from the pantry!

Have you tried anything new lately?
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Organizing Friday~before & after bathroom

Last Friday I showed y'all this embarrassing picture of our master bathroom counter! Ugg moving is not my thing. Unpacking seems so difficult!

I spent a little time each day sorting, purging MORE, even though I just did when I packed! Having stuff packed for a month sure is an eye opener! I didn't even THINK about one of the boxes. So much stuff I didn't need but had. This whole moving thing is surely a lesson in needs vs. wants and simplifying.

We have this very large built in cabinet. The tall shelves are perfect for keeping stuff out of kids hands! I've got medications sorted into types and together! No more digging for cough medicine at 3am! I keep supplements up there too. I fill our medicine holders up in the bathroom, it's just easier to keep them near.

I was going to get rid of a lot of towels, but there is plenty of room so for now I am just leaving them for now.

Our old house we had just enough storage for clothes in our bedroom, this one is a little smaller and we are down 2 large pieces of furniture that held a lot of clothes. Because the bathroom has so much more storage that would otherwise be empty, I moved all the socks and undergarments as well as pajamas and stuff into the bottom drawers. We each have our own space for stuff that can easily be organized and it frees up a drawer in the 1 dresser we have now.

This week I have got to get a handle on these kids rooms!  I know there are still boxes of stuff in the garage, I don't want to bring anymore in until this disaster is a little more managed.

And yes those are our sleeping babies, they each have a bed, but Finn always tries to sleep in some one's bed ❤️
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13 November 2014

20 Minutes to a Clean Bathroom

Wednesday is my least favorite cleaning day! Bathrooms.. ugg
Thankfully, I don't spend much time doing it, 20 minutes for both of them, that's it!

~Spray showers, sink and toilet with magic bathroom cleaner
(dawn and vinegar)
~Wipe counters down
 ~Touch Up Mirror and Windows
No need to clean the whole thing, just the spots
~Change Towels
~Stock q tips and TP
~Change Scentsy
~Spray Shower Out
 ~Clean Toilet
~Shake Rugs out

What is your least favorite room to clean?!
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