08 February 2016

Organizing Friday {Week 6}

And technically week 4, because I somehow missed that one entirely? 
So today I am going to work on cleaning the 
and then our 

Thankfully garbage and recycling was part of week 1 for me. I am going to work on the area in the garage for it though!

Here are our before pictures

The 6 year old is responsible for getting it in the cans, clearly we haven't been inspecting his work lol. Also there are a hundred other things going on in this picture.
And our fridge has a whole shelf of painting stuff ��

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01 February 2016

Organizing Friday

I'm taking a couple weeks off. I'd already done the challenge last week (food storage) and this week is cookbooks and recipes.  We have birthday kids the next 2 days. Going to enjoy celebrating them before I get back to it next week!!

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22 January 2016

Organizing Friday {Week 3}

Last week was HARD! But I am amazed at how messy and unorganized it all was!
After taking care of all of the drawers and cupboards I actually have a whole empty cupboard and 2 empty drawers! What?!

Here are the after pictures, it's still ugly and unpainted and not any different on that aspect.  The good news is hubby got to replace the ugly old pipes under the sink. Bad news? It didn't fix the kitchen drain issue we were having, so we won't be doing anything fun in there for a while. Plumbers are spendy!
Can't wait to move the microwave OFF the counter!

No idea what I will eventually use this for.

Or this one!

This is my favorite drawer! My coffee drawer!

This week is Pantry and Food Storage. If I was being smart I would have looked ahead I wouldn't have spent the little time I did on that, last week. Should make this week easy though!
We have a tiny pantry compared to what we used to have. Still adjusting and not over buying at the grocery store has been a HUGE challenge.  It doesn't look so bad right now. Not that it looks good, cause I know it doesn't!

I really want to make it pretty and practical! That's a hard combo with grubby handed kids ��
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15 January 2016

Organizing Friday Week 2

I'm Following along with the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge.
Last week was sink and counters! Got that done but I'm a little, no scratch that, a lot scared of this week!  

Here are my before and after from last week. 
And After
Eventually we will get those wires taken care of and move the microwave in here. It's on the LONG list of things to do. But it hasn't been a priority yet.

Under the sink is much better too, we didn't redo the pipes yet but the pink stuff is gone and so are the spiders!

I grabbed a basket that will fit under here for recycling, instead of using the counter top. And the little tin is the perfect size for corralling dishwasher tabs, sponges and dish soap.

This week is kitchen cabinets and drawers.
Ours have really been abused since we moved in. Moving stuff here and there while we sand/paint etc. You get the point, it's a disaster!

Just a few of them. Some are worse than others.

It's going to take me all day today and probably a little of my free time next week to finish this up.

Let's see yours! Drawers and Cabinets take a lot of work to keep up! 
Any amazing tricks for keeping them organized?

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13 January 2016

{Fresh} Morning Routine Part 4

Ya know who else needs a routine? Kids! 

I can tell you first hand that when we don't have one going on, life is rough in the mornings!

Some things we do here that aren't actually part of our morning routine..

~ Here the kids have a few things they can do at night to make the morning smoother.
Backpacks, outfits and lunch can all be prepped the night before.

~Streamline necessities in the morning with baskets!
We have (and love) our Good Morning Basket
Gloves and umbrellas are all in 1 basket, so no hunting for them.

I think a visual checklist of some sort helps kids stay on task, which will help you! Less time
directing, more time doing what needs to be done.
We have used these CHORE PACKS for years now. They are going to be getting and overhaul soon!

How do your kids do mornings?
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08 January 2016

52 Weeks to an Organized Home

 In an effort to find a FRESH way to organize our home, I am letting someone else make the list!
This year I am Following Home Storage Solutions list, you can find it here.  
Some of the weeks won't apply to me but I'm sure I will have other things to do still. 

The first week is Kitchen Counters and Sink!
This one I can totally do! Although under the sink at our house is scary to me.  We haven't redone the pipes under there, there is still some 1970's contact paper and I am sure some spiders! 
I don't know that I will be doing under the sink. But I might see if I can convince hubby to haha.

Here is our before, just after breakfast today. Yowza.  It's not pretty. We have cabinet doors off that are being sanded so we can paint.

There totally is a spider! Ick!

So today this is what I am working on for Organizing Friday!
Are you following a plan for organizing this year? Just winging it? Want to join me in this one?!
I am always looking for other ideas on how to organize!
Instagram looks like there are a few before and afters with #52weekhomeorganizedchallenge

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07 January 2016

Oil Pulling Newbie

I've been reading SO much about Oil Pulling and all the benefits of it but was a little hesitant to try it. It sounds a bit on the gross side and not super convenient to do.  

After seeing what I had in my stash, I decided to try and make some pre-measured oils and that would make the only reason I hadn't tried it the gross factor. 

I am ordering this tray because it does a lot! And I have some homemade gummy elderberry attempts coming up too!

I mixed my coconut oil with a few drops of essential oil. Peppermint and Clove (individually, not together) poured them in the molds and let them set then I moved them to an airtight container. I started with a little less than most sites recommend because I don't know that I could do that much to start with.

With 6 of us there is pretty much a guarantee that someone will have some ailment, rash, condition that we could work on with natural options. I feel like that could be a full time job if I let it.  Starting with this and seeing if I notice a difference before jumping into the next thing.

Have you tried oil pulling? Any other natural remedy you swear by?
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